Facebook Shopping – Deal Me In

Fact – shoppers want deals.  In recent published data, 57% of shoppers have spent in excess of $100 on group buying sites such as Gilt Group, Groupon and Living Social.  A brand taking their store on Facebook has to be able to reward their loyal fans and deals are definitely the right route.

Deal sites run offers for brands but the brands very rarely find that these ‘deal hunters’ come back and make a subsequent regular priced purchase.  This is for two reasons.  Firstly, the consumer data is held and kept by the deal site and secondly, these bargain hunters never had a direct connection to the brand.

Facebook commerce is changing this.  Stores are now able to run group offers, group coupons and fan discounts directly at their own user base.  These fans are able to spread the deal ‘word of mouth’ using Facebook’s social interactions.  Additionally, communication channels are changing.  Email is now becoming a thing of the past and is being overtaken by the use of messaging through social media, be it status updates, shared links, chat, or the ability to send messages in Facebook.

If you build it they will come.  This is so true for real, compelling offers aimed at building loyalty and brand awareness.

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