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The answers were provided by Carrie Thomas, ShopIgniter.

  1. What is the format that merchants can upload their product catalogs to their Facebook store?

    Products can be sourced into the ShopIgniter platform in a variety of format including our open API archetectuer, continuous CSV import, or through our manually by product.

  2. Can this be an automated upload?

    Yes, using our restful API a client can schedule automated uploads of products, products catagories, and content descriptions and swatches. Most of our clients use this format and sync orders out to their order management software using the same export API’s.

  3. Do you give merchants the ability to run group offers from their Facebook store?

    Yes. A primary driver and purpose of engaging with brands through social media is for special offers.  With our Social Promotion Engine brands or retailer can generate viral awareness and increase sales by implementing new retail models.  These models include promotional sales, including private sales, VIP sales, and time based sales (flash sales).  Incentive programs are flexible and defined by the retailer to be store wide, category, or product offerings, and can be used as part of incentive programs that allow your fans to earn store credits.

  4. Can stores be setup to enable shoppers to checkout within Facebook?

    Yes.  Up to 25% of a shopper’s online time is spent on Facebook so it makes sense for you to engage consumers and to sell on Facebook.  We provide a robust, full-featured channel, in-stream or in-tab,enabling full control of products, pricing, options within the Facebook and very soon on twittter.  Our customers have seem a decrease in cart abandonment and increased cart sizes when the transaction remains in Facebook.(when compared to their web store).

  5. Can stores be setup to enable shoppers to checkout and redirect to the merchants’ webstore?

    Yes. While the preference is to resolve the transaction where the social activity occurs we do support redirecting purchase activity back to the clients .com.

  6. Is it possible to search the entire product catalog within Facebook?

    Yes.  However, depending on the size of the product catalog this is not always recommended. With our in-stream purchase experience we allow our clients to curate products into the conversation and enable their fans to engage and purchase. If the client wants the full product catalog in-tab our platform supports an unlimited number of product types and items.

  7. What is your pricing model?

    We use a success based pricing model that allows us to share in the direct commerce outcomes (purchases) as well as the social results (shares, likes, review, rewards, coupons, etc.)

  8. Do you enable 3rd party integrations?  For example Magento / e-Bay etc?

    If the client is not looking to replatform their exisiting e-commerce system we are well positioned to support an integration through our API.


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