Curebit Offers Online Stores the Solution for ‘Word of Mouth’ Social Marketing

Everyone talks about how effective ‘word of mouth’ marketing is within the realms of social media. But how easy is it to get customers to recommend your products? Incentivized offers are nothing new. Most online companies have at one time or another considered implementing a ‘refer a friend’ program. Some have successfully managed this while others have fallen by the way side.

The biggest problem, especially for small businesses, has always been the logistics of implementing such a program. In theory, it really isn’t rocket science. But when it comes to online tracking and the reward fulfillment, it just hasn’t been as easy as it sounds.

Now, designed for e-Commerce businesses, Curebit has the solution. First off, they offer simple and seamless integration for users of 3D Cart, Magento, Shopify, osCommerce, OpenCart, Zen Cart and DemandWare. They additionally offer custom integration for sites not using any of the above shopping platforms.

They allow the owners of online stores to offer paying customers a limited time discount in return for a successful recommendation to one of the customer’s friends. The customer can share the offer with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, eMail and Instant Messenger. On receiving the offer and clicking on the link, the friend is then taken to a landing page with additional details. Then, when the friend completes the purchase, the referrer is then notified and receives the discount for their next purchase.

Not only, is the store being recommended to new shoppers, but this also acts as a loyalty program for existing customers who become repeat shoppers. Documented on the Curebit website are two case study examples. Using Curebit, Diamond Candles ran a post-purchase campaign. Sales increased by 15% as a result of the campaign. Another client, Dodocase saw that 60% of their customers shared the offer, powered by Curebit, after making a purchase.

The system also identifies the power influencers with their “Social Influencer Tracking” giving merchants the ability to personally reach out to these customers and offer thanks or additional incentives.

So it’s no wonder that Curebit has just raised $1.2 million in funding from investors which include 500 Startups, Gordon Tucker and Alex Lloyd of Accelerator Ventures.


Below is a video which gives an overview of how Curebit works:

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