Engaging The Millions

Three days ago, blogger and software developer, Jeff Rose reported in his blog that while ‘playing’ with Facebook’s new video chat, he may have accidentally found a file that links to a different app called Facebook Vibes.

Since then CBS News, The Huffington Post, International Business Times and even the UK’s Daily Telegraph have reported the rumor that this could be the prototype of Facebook’s music downloading service which will directly compete with Apple’s iTunes.

This may or may not be relevant as everyone is expecting a forthcoming release by Facebook of such a service, but it does signify two important things.

Firstly, is how influenced the mainstream press has become when it comes to potentially ground breaking news being discovered by one-man blogging outfits.  There have been, within 48 hours over 100 publications updated with this news.  Does this relate directly to Facebook’s direct love affair with the media?  The social network has become the object of its own desire and is now able to market just about anything using a few strategically placed lines of code.

And secondly, Facebook is now realizing that it has to provide a better service than just allowing users to share information.  As someone once said on drunken night out “Facebook will eventually die out in its current state.  How many ex-girlfriends can a man take being contacted by, 20 years after successfully getting away from them?”  So now, the word ‘engagement’ is being used in a whole new context.  It’s all about engaging the 500 million plus user base, getting them interested, giving them something that they can’t get elsewhere, providing a secure environment for financial transactions and closing the deal.

Either way this is viewed, the fact that so many media outlets reported on a ‘rumor’, means that the world is now just waiting for Facebook to release their Vibe and provide a service that involves a premium fee.


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